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Tired of looking for a natural dedorant that is gentle on your skin, yet tough enough to keep odor causing bacteria at bay? Well look no further! Enjoy long-lasting odor protection that's gentle on your skin and free of baking soda, and aluminum! 


Each deodorant comes in a 2 oz. container and can last up to 6-8 weeks or longer depending on use.


Instructions for use: Scoop out a pea sized amount of the deodorant using your finger or the bamboo applicator (sold seperately), and lightly rub the product into each armpit.



  • Mango: This scent is sweet, fun and fruity and smells absolutely good enough to eat! It's a top selller! (contains fragrance) 


  • Citrus & Sage: This scent is clean, light and fresh and smells like clean laundry mixed with a fresh shower! Great for both men & women! (contains fragrance)


  • Flower Fresh: This scent is a beautiful, floral scent that smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers. It is blended with jasmine, neroli, rose and other tantilizing oils and is sure to make you fall in love with it. (contains only essential oils)


  • His & Hers:  This scent is blended with sandalwood, patchouli, ylang ylang and ginger, and has a, sweet, earthy aroma, with a hint of brightness. This scent is a true aphrodisiac and smells better and better after it sets in and meshes with your body chemistry; Can be worn by both men and women. (Contains only essential oils)


  • Lemongrass: Ever had a lemon head? This scent smells just like it! it's sweet, and bright with bold lemon tones! Great for both men and women! (Contains only essential oils)


  • Amber: This scent is warm and comforting! It's sweet like, with vanilla undertones, yet has a subtle earthiness to it that makes it absolutely divine! This is a top seller and always goes very fast! Great for both men and women.


Please note that the bamboo applicator is sold seperately.

Natural Deodorant (Sensitive Skin)


Buy 2 or more & Save $3 on each deodorant!

  • Store deodorant in a cool, dry place. If it becomes too soft or liquid, place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes until it firms back up.

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